BARIC organizes 2 Jamat for Jumuah prayer, ****”1ST Jamat @12:30PM, Iqamah @1PM” **** “2ND Jamat @ 1:30PM Iqamah @2PM”. **** BARIC is accepting student for Madrasa Program. Please contact with Imam Abdul Wali 647-657-2779.



Shaykh Abdul Wali Qadri is the Imam and Director of religious affairs at Brampton And Regional Islamic Centre (BARIC).   Shaykh Abdul Wali also serves as Principal in the Madrasa for Arabic, Islamic Studies and Quranic Studies at BARIC.

Shaykh Abdul Wali completed his bachelor’s degree covering not only the Arabic language, but also Islamic theology at Darul Uloom Zakariyya South Africa, he further completed his Master’s in Jurisprudence (fiqh) at Jamia Ashrafia Pakistan.  He has taught Hifdh and academic classes at multiple different institutions, and currently he is serving our Mosque as a full time Imam. Along with the daily prayers,  he leads Friday prayers and does Weekly tafseer for adults. His passion and ability to connect with the community is what makes him a strong leader.