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Shaykh Faiz Vaid is the Imam and Spiritual Leader at Brampton And Regional Islamic Centre (BARIC).   Shaykh Faiz Vaid also serves as Principal in the Madrasa for Arabic, Islamic Studies and Quranic Studies at BARIC.

Shaykh Faiz Vaid completed his bachelor’s degree covering not only the Arabic language, but also both Islamic theology and Jurisprudence (fiqh).  He has taught Hifdh classes at multiple different institutions, and currently also serves as a part-time Imam for Malton Masjid.  In addition, he has been actively performing relief work in Jamaica for the last 4 years.  By the grace of Allah SWT, he has been given the opportunity to start a charitable third party foundation which has been a cornerstone for what he loves doing the most – helping others.  His passion and ability to connect with the community is what makes him a strong leader.